BFD rescues dog from Pleasure Bay!

Another reason to love the BFD!

The Boston fire technical rescue crew responded to Pleasure Bay around 9:40 for a report of a dog in the water. Two divers with the BFD went  into the water in an Zodiac about 200 feet from shore to rescue Kai – a 12 year old Golden Retriever.

The dog’s owner told firefighters that Kai loves to swim but went a little too far and wasn’t able to get back.  The dog was in the icy water between 30-40 minute before the rescue.  Kai was taken to a local animal hospital to be checked out! 

Thanks BFD for keeping us safe and our pets too!

Photos via BFD twitter. 

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  1. So happy Kai is ok, but this is a reminder that this is why dogs should not be off their leash. Also for heavens sake it’s winter. The outcome could have been tragic. Why did the owner think it was ok to let his dog go swimming. He certainly wouldn’t have. Please keep your dogs on their leashes.

    • My dogs used to love swimming American bull dogs it didn’t matter winter spring summer fall and I used to worry I don’t think they ever felt the cold god bless them. And yes a lot of people swim in the winter I did when I was younger go to L street bath house and see how many swimmers out there in winter, JUST SAYING

    • I agree. There was a massive response to this incident. If any humans were hurt getting into this water or otherwise we would be having a much different conversation today. Dogs are tougher than us in many ways but should not be in the water this time of year – especially a dog that old. If a fireman had a heart attack or otherwise got hurt or worse what would this conversation be like? Totally preventable.

  2. It is frigid weather. It is irresponsible to let a dog off leash in this weather and in the water. It is funds and time used by the fire department that could have been better utilized. Their lives are put at risk every time they respond to an incident.

    Don’t be this pet owner.

  3. Great work by BFD rescue team.
    Too cold to swim for man & beast…..muscles stop working in cold temps & hypothermia sets in quickly. Glad the dog made it to safety.