End of an Era: K&8th Market

For over the 70 years, K & 8th Market has been serving quality meats, poultry, and seafood to the neighborhood of South Boston and beyond. The brother team of Paul and Phil Joseph are third generation butcher and shop owners and just announced they will be selling the beloved market.

“It was a hard decision, we’ve been talking about it for a while. We’re hoping that someone new could take the market to the next level,” said Phil Joseph. The business of K&8th Market is for sale in addition to a residential unit above the shop.

Being a butcher is a physical job and both Paul, 50 and Phil, 52 have been working at K & 8th since they were kids. “We are planning for our future and our family’s future. It’s about timing and now is the time,” added Phil.

Phil, Paul and John Joseph circa 1970.

The business, liquor license, and the building are for sale as a package and will not be sold separately. Realtor Jay Rooney will be selling K & 8th.

“As a Southie native, I always have mixed feelings when helping other Southie natives sell a home or a business that has been ‘in the family’ for generations. But I also understand that South Boston was once farm land and change is inevitable. K & 8th market is a Southie landmark and will hopefully be there for many more years under new ownership,” said Jay Rooney.

Contact Jay Rooney for pricing and other details. Exclusively marketed by Jay Rooney & Co. at Compass Real Estate, 617-997-1412 or

images via K&8th Facebook.

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Maureen Dahill

Maureen Dahill is the editor of Caught in Southie and a lifelong resident of South Boston sometimes mistaken for a yuppie. Hockey mom, yoga enthusiast, lover of red wine and binge watching TV series. Mrs. Peter G. Follow her @MaureenCaught.


  1. My family has shopped at K&8th (always referred to as Joseph’s) since my husbands great uncle closed his shop at L and 5th. Joseph’s has the best quality and traditional meats. We will be sad to see them go.

    • I felt the same way when your husbands great uncle closed his butcher shop (Nason’s Market) on L and 5th street. He was a wonderful man who always had a smile for all his customers. My family would buy steak and hamburger every week for our dinners. I was glad the new owner converted it into a restaurant. (The breakfast is Marvelous)

  2. I love how everyone jumps to a negative conclusion right away when change is announced, classic south boston attitude.

    There is a great opportunity here to take this place to the next level. Who’s to say it’s going to take a turn for the worse vs. the better? Why don’t we wait and see what happens, then you can either cheer or cry.

    • Hopefully your car was one of the cars keyed on West 4th, that would be something positive 🙂

    • I didn’t hear a single negative conclusion? People expressing regret about missing a store and the well liked proprietors isn’t negative. You’re simply reading what you want to hear so you can remark about southie residents “opposing change” – It’s kinda getting old pal.

      • It’s literally almost every post Maureen puts up this squid has an issue with, if not with Maureen than anyone who comments. I know people who have moved out of Southie that still come back to K&8th whenever they have a BBQ. I lived off this place since I was a kid, it will most definitely be missed by life long and new residents.

    • Wow, how entitled do you think you are? This is the typical stereotype BS thst us Southie people have had to deal with for years!! Did you read the comments, because you’re WRONG!! Why don’t you take your yuppity ass to another town, we don’t need outsiders labeling us anymore!!

    • Don’t be such a jerk! People from South Boston have weathered many years and they certainly adapt. We just happen to love K and 8th market.

    • Spoken by a true outsider. We are saddened when one of our local shops leave. Especially one of the old staples like Joseph’s market. We are “loyal” to our neighbors and businesses. A word you may not comprehend. We are not afraid of change. If we were, we would have all moved. We have not all moved contrary to what you want. What you don’t understand as an “outsider” — and I don’t care how new to the “hood” you are or not — words like yours would never be spoken by a true South Boston neighbor. Keep your comments to yourself, please.
      And I thank the kids for running and keeping the market open for as long as they did. They did a wonderful job over the years.

  3. A great business run by a great family. We are very lucky to have such a high quality market in our neighborhood all these years. Congratulations to the Joseph brothers! you will be missed!

  4. Good Luck Phil & Paul is so much work owning your own business enjoy life

    Mrs Y former resident

  5. I grew up with these 2 boys . And the whole family . Another hard working family of SB.
    God SB will dearly miss U .
    And TY for the absolute best meats around . Best of Luck Phil and Paul U 2 deserve it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. The Joseph Family have been wonderful neighbors to the community around K+8 th for a long time. They also helped Folks out who were down on their luck over the years by giving them a long leash on a tab or even employment. Gifts to the planet – the bunch of them. I hung around with Phil and Paul as kids. – they were raised by two of the best people I ever knew.

    As someone who no longer lives there – a couple of words to reply to ‘Not So New To The Hood ‘.

    Maybe you should stop jumping to conclusions about what people say when they express a sense of loss, and can keep such reactionary comments to yourself. Perhaps there were wonderful people who ran a business in the town you grew up in – who were part of the fabric of your community. And when that business sold, you, or your Folks, or your family were saddened by that loss – the loss of a constancy and friendship that was part of who you were. If you really were not that new to the neighborhood(“hood” – really)
    , you’d realize the vast majority of people who grew up and still live there are friendly to a fault, open minded, and live lives to that should to be emulated, not castigated.

  7. 1) WTF is this “next level” exactly?! What level? What does this mean? They are already pretty phenomenal, so please explain.

    2) I think the negativity is because based on how things usually go in Southie, sone jackass developer buys it, ruins what used to be a INSTITUTION and razes it into condos.

    3) yes I sound like a crank, but its just sad. I know things don’t last forever and neither do we, but still.

    Love you K&8. *pours out a little steak tip marinade*

    • Next level refers to something being better than it used to be. I know that may be a hard thing to comprehend, but the current state of things isn’t always at the best state it could be.

      By “jackass developers” are you referring to the folks who pour hundreds of hours into planning, community meetings, etc. to better the neighborhood? Remember, they buy what is for sale. I don’t get how that makes them the jackass.

      • Hood… count your blessings you have that phone to express you’re pathetic point of view. K&8 … thank you for being an icon of the neighborhood for generations. We will miss the quality of your product and your generosity to your neighbor.

      • “Let him rave so that people know him to be mad”. (Yul Brynner – “The Ten Commandments” 1956)

  8. Phil, I’ll take YOUR Choice over Prime any day. Paul, See you on the slopes. Smart move gentlemen but you’ll be missed for sure.

  9. I was just telling someone the other day, how back in the day, my family had a cuff here. Good people through and through you will be missed for sure. May the Road rise to Meet You……..

  10. Love K & 8th. Been going there since I was a kid. Will miss it. Best wishes to the family. You worked hard all your life… now it is time to reap the benefits of all of your hard work. We will miss you.

  11. First of all what a fabulous photo, Best of luck to Phil and Paul so proud to call you friends. Thank you for all of your caring and hardwork over the years, many small gestures behind the scenes. You deserve a rest and your father would be very proud of you both.

  12. I am selfishly sad to them close, but happy for the family. The steak tips, the buffalo chicken dip and the great people will be missed. Best of luck and happiness to the Joseph family. Please pass on the buffalo chicken dip recipe to the new owners.

  13. Best of luck to the Joseph Family they will be missed. I will miss the food but more importantly I will miss Phil and Paul and all the kind people that work there. How long can you freeze sausages and turkey tips????

  14. As someone who has never lived in Southie but has spent as much time their as anywhere in my life, K&8th will certainly be missed by me.

    I’ve been going there since I was a kid and have dealt with Phil and Paul while working as a distributor.

    These guys are salt of the earth, hard working, friendly and ran a dynamite business as they’re family did before them.

    They deserve to get the benefits of their property and business being worth an awful lot in this market. I hope they enjoy themselves and hopefully someone great buys it and continues in that tradition.

  15. Thank you to the Joseph family for serving our neighborhood for so many years! Genuinely nice people who always provided excellent selections.

    I shall miss seeing them hand-write my Thanksgiving turkey order on a poster board and only asking for my name and phone number—NO deposit or payment! It’s those little things that mean so much and are sadly disappearing, and I’m sad for those who just don’t understand that loss.

    You will be sorely missed but wished nothing but the best! If I may leave one special request… Please encourage the new owners to sell those hard-to-get Mallo Cups!! ????

  16. Great memories of ordering a Pork Roast or Sausages for Sunday family dinner. Top quality meats and family friendly service !

    One of my favorite places growing up in Southie.

  17. I understand what they are saying But I will miss them very much. They have the best food around The best pickles. The best everything. Been going there for years. Miss you but I wish you guys the best

  18. Great family are the Josephs! Uncle Mike grew up as a close friend to my dad and always made sure when I was in the store to ask how he was doing! Class act! Phil and Paul have made their Dad John very proud…wish you guys nothing but the best for you and your families…hoping a new owner can step up and continue an AWESOME Tradition of providing quality meats and a welcoming atmosphere at K&8th…thanks for making many a memorable cookout with the best steak tips around! See you guys soon!

  19. My heart is broken. Mike, John, and Teresa were running the store when I was a kid through when I was buying groceries as a young wife and mother, getting the best quality for my family especially during the holidays. Whatever the occasion, I had the best! I loved them, and they loved me! John and Margaret’s sons- Phil and Paul, took the helm, and I was so happy to see them there! I m devastated to see them go, but I understand. I think….

  20. Congratulations Paul and Phil. You have been great friends and neighbors for my entire life. I wish you both the best in your next chapter!

  21. Thank you so much for so many years of top quality groceries, great service and most of all your friendship. You will be missed, wishing you all the best.